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The original demand for these files came from Murray Altheim in the xtm-wg maillist, but others showed their interest since.

So here are some XML files, containing all the notions for a particular class (some of them are rather big) of the "living creatures".

They use the Notions.dtd. The actual dtd version is 1.1 (file version 1.4 of 2001-06-30).

The basic files you wil need are: Superclasses (16 KB), Notion classes (324 KB), Language families (21 KB), Languages (3.193 KB) and Relationship types (427 KB).

The content of these files is essentially a bibliographic work I started in the 70's (on paper) and continued in the 80's for which the sources can not be traced at this moment (I would have appreciated a computer at that time). The last decade I spend only little time on it besides getting it into Notion System and some ad-hoc updates. Save complete "recent" revisions of the taxonomy it should be quite acccurate. But it has not the pretention to be complete (if that is ever possible).

Dynamic external references (like web pages) might be "broken". This data is generated by the system but should be considered as static and for the moment the system doesn't use a "spider" function during the generation of these pages. For Notion System itself this is not a problem because it works with some form of cached pages that are always available (for its historical function).

A final remark about the "expert fact sheet" relationships in web pages. I did some experimental work on content analysis of web pages using the existing content of this semantic network to identify what the pages are about.

The factsheet is composed of:

- the name of the fact

- the rule that generated it (just another notion)

- the accuracy (certainty that this fact is true) 0-100

- the fact discovered (depending on the fact one or more items)

The facts discovered might provoque the creation of new information like the "AddRelation" fact that adds, with or without the user (depending on the "UserInteraction" fact), a new relationship between two notions.

The cross-reference files are regular groupings of notions the "living creatures" have a relationship with.They do not contain al the notions of these classes. For the moment they contain the only first directly connected notions. If not so this would end up in about 200 class files with 210.000 notions and 5-600.000 relationships because it is a semantic network and everything is related with everything through some path (altough islands might exist). Remember that these are just samples.

Note about the dtd

In the dtd you will find some explanations about how things stick together. These observations are written as remarks to the dtd. So don't expect a full description of the background of Notion System, you can find that information elsewhere on this site.

Note about the contents of the notions in these files.

Some information that exists in the protected versions is not available in the public ones. This is in particular the case for the meta data for notions and relationships.

Two exceptions are the thumbnail information and the protected notion information. The protected information itself (relationships for most of them) is of course also absent.

Note about the pictures

The 3 xml files for pictures contain the notions representing the pictures, not the pictures themselves.

For the public pictures there are preview images available in the "Standard" directory on this website. These pictures have a maximum size of 80 x 80 pixels, but can have every height en width depending on the original proportions.

Example of a preview image
a cat

For the pictures from the web you can access them through the URL relationship. The other pictures (even the public ones) are not available.

XML data files
Colymbiformes 17 KB 2001-06-23
Charadriiformes 212 KB 2001-06-23
ducks 172 KB 2001-06-23
Falconiformes 183 KB 2001-06-23
Galliformes 186 KB 2001-06-23
Limicoles 1 KB 2001-06-23
Columbidae 31 KB 2001-06-23
Strigiformes 80 KB 2001-06-23
Passeriformes 779 KB 2001-06-23
Corvidae 44 KB 2001-06-23
Rallidae 43 KB 2001-06-23
Picidae 44 KB 2001-06-23
other birds 829 KB 2001-06-23
Anoura 166 KB 2001-06-23
Bivalvia 412 KB 2001-06-23
Cephalopoda 544 KB 2001-06-23
spiders 201 KB 2001-06-23
Crustacea 1.190 KB 2001-06-23
Myriapoda 47 KB 2001-06-23
Echinodermata 335 KB 2001-06-23
Spongia 32 KB 2001-06-23
fishes 2.039 KB 2001-06-23
reptiles 481 KB 2001-06-23
mammals 805 KB 2001-06-23
Gasteropoda 793 KB 2001-06-23
Amphibia 121 KB 2001-06-23
Trilobites 140 KB 2001-06-23
Orthoptera 79 KB 2001-06-23
Heteroptera 93 KB 2001-06-23
Coleoptera 380 KB 2001-06-23
Hymenoptera 212 KB 2001-06-23
Lepidoptera 417 KB 2001-06-23
Diptera 164 KB 2001-06-23
Odonata 61 KB 2001-06-23
Metatheria 221 KB 2001-06-23
carnivores 555 KB 2001-06-23
Ungulata 799 KB 2001-06-23
bats 262 KB 2001-06-23
rodents 649 KB 2001-06-23
Lagomorpha 52 KB 2001-06-23
Insectivora 215 KB 2001-06-23
snakes 244 KB 2001-06-23
dinosaurs 108 KB 2001-06-23
insects 257 KB 2001-06-23
Tortues 157 KB 2001-06-23
other animals 465 KB 2001-06-23
algues 62 KB 2001-06-23
mushrooms 240 KB 2001-06-23
"mousses" 212 KB 2001-06-23
ferns 238 KB 2001-06-23
preles 36 KB 2001-06-23
Phanerogames 5.814 KB 2001-06-26
Poacea 334 KB 2001-06-23
Lichens 232 KB 2001-06-23
other plants 131 KB 2001-06-23
Other living
Bacteries 2 KB 2001-06-23
Protozoa 53 KB 2001-06-23
Cross referenced
PICT image 386 KB 2001-07-01
image gif 288 KB 2001-07-01
image jpeg 460 KB 2001-07-01
sound 13 KB 2001-06-28
WWW Page 558 KB 2001-06-30
Web site 1 KB 2001-06-28
book 1.352 KB 2001-06-29
file 339 KB 2001-06-29
biocenose 29 KB 2001-06-28
znieff 5 KB 2001-06-28
Country 2 KB 2001-06-28
Castle 1 KB 2001-06-28
produits fabriques 1 KB 2001-06-28

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