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Ronald Poell <>
Revised $Date: 2001/06/24 12:00:00$

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These static pages of the knowledge within Notion System are only here to give you an impression how Notion System establishes its semantic network. It is in no way a real-time usable knowledge base.

The pages actually available online are just a very small subset of the up-to-date data in the KB.

As all the notions are probably related, in some way or another, to all the other notions, you can find links to pages that appear to be empty. There can be 2 reasons for this.

Either the notion is not public (this will be the case for instance for emails which are only available to the sender and receiver) or because the page's content has not been generated (there about 210.000 notions in the KB).

We choose to display an empty page for terminating links and not let the web server generate "page not available" error.

If you are on an empty page you can use the "back" button of your browser to go the page where you came from.

Some pages contain, as an example, some of the meta-data available in the system. Not all of the meta-data is displayed. Silver, one of the cats we had previously, is one of the examples.

This notion also illustrates the GeoTime space of a relationship. She has a relationship "is member of" with my household. But this relationship isn't valid anymore as she has disappeared.

The sample pages are generated with the "Knowledge Time" or "Network Time" (the time you look at the knowledge or the state of the network) set to the actual time. This means that for this cat the knowledge has expired, and so will not be shown.

In the Notion System this works all the time. If you set the "Knowledge Time" before the birthday of a particular person, you will not be able to see that person.

This implies the possibility to have a look at the state of whatever concept somewhere back in time without making mentally the effort to eliminate knowledge that existed only later in time (don't confuse this with the date on which the information is physically created in the network).

About the pictures

The only pictures available are those that are available on the web, the pictures we created or the ones the owner allowed us to use in the knowledge base and its derived products.

As Internet is highly dynamic, previous existing links (towards pages that are not maintained by Notion System) might have disappeared (remember, these are static pages).

If the system doesn't know whether a picture is public or not it will not publish it. In this case you will see a placeholder generated by your browser.

About the used languages

You might see a mix of different languages. The pages are generated in the preferred language of English and with second language French. If a particular relation has no English description but it does have a French one, you will see the French description. If it has neither English nor a French description you will see the first available description (which might be in any language, currently there are about 6700 possible languages).

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